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Now is a Great Time for a Bike Fit

25 Sep 2017

If you're looking back over your season and wondering if you could have been a stronger cyclist, then now is the time to take action. We all know what's coming - your bike will gather dust in the corner or will be used as a drying rack for your winter sweaters. Before you put the bike away, consider these reasons that now is the perfect time to get a bike fit (or refit)


Right now Your Memory is Really Good

What we mean by that is, you remember every little area of discomfort or pain that comes out of a long bike ride. You remember that at about mile 35, your right arm starts to tingle or that your left foot will hurt after a hilly ride. You remember that your neck tightens up a bit too quickly or that your low back will be stiff for days. These may be some of the reasons that you’re ready to take an extended break. In a few months, when you get back into biking, your memory will fade a bit and it’s much harder to describe these issues. It’s good to address them while they are still fresh in your mind.


You have new goals for next season

Are you switching to short-course from long-course or vice-versa? Are you ready to really throw it down on the bike? Are you looking for a significant PR? These could change your bike fit position. Perhaps you're ready for a position that’s a bit more aggressive because you’ll be tackling shorter distances at faster speeds? Or maybe you’re going to long course next year, so you’ll want your position to be a bit more comfortable. Our bike fitters will take your goals into account as they help you find the optimal position to train and race.

You're ready for a new bike

Maybe you've really been wanting to upgrade to Di2 or disc brakes? You have a road bike but you're ready for a tri bike or maybe you want to get off-road a bit to build your cycling strength. Whatever it is, anytime you are looking into a new bike, it's time for a fit! Remember, if you purchase a new bike from Podium or all3sports, the cost of the fit is refunded.

You’ve had a significant or nagging injury this season.

Whether it was a bike accident, a stress fracture, or something a bit more chronic, injuries will affect your position on the bike. You want to make sure that you’re not going to do further damage. Often, when an individual experiences an injury in one muscle group or limb, the other will be prone to injury because your body will compensate while you train during recovery. The easiest place to start your training injury free is to make sure that your bike is in the proper position.


You really want to put some time in on the bike during the offseason

Cycling is one of the easiest areas for triathletes to gain strength and speed and in return, see PRs in their racing. During the dark, cold winter months, trainer rides are easy to execute because you can do them from the comfort of your home. As the holiday’s approach, our time becomes more and more limited so even though we ‘meant’ to get a bike fit before starting to train, we find ourselves too busy to carve out a couple of hours to get it done.


You never know what winter will be like in the Southeast

We live in the south y'all. That means that it could be ‘snowing’ one day and then 75 degrees the next. Make sure your bike is ready to go for whatever ‘winter’ in the southeast brings your way!

A good bike fit is an investment in you! Check out our bike fit video to learn more about our process and why our bike fits are unique!

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