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Modern bikes can be complicated for both the rider and mechanic. In particular, servicing triathlon bikes has become somewhat of an art form. Our mechanics are incredibly skilled, and you can depend on them to ride your bike worry-free. Don’t hesitate to ask us when you hear or feel a “click” as you pedal along. We will take a look and figure it out with you.

You can always call to schedule a service or just drop your bike off at the store!

Bike Wash & Lube - $50

Basic Tune Up - $65
Great pre-season, during training, or pre race. Every 300-500 miles.

Tune Includes:

  • Inspect Frame for safety
  • Inspect wheels, tires, chain, cassette, and components for damage or wear
  • Check BB tightness and wear
  • Torque bars, stem, controls, seat post and saddle properly
  • Inspect and Adjust headset, derailleurs, brakes and brake levers
  • Lubricate chain and inflate tires
  • QUOTE for additional service needs

Bike Wash & Lube w/ MUC-OFF Ultrasonic Chain Clean and Treatment - $75 - $115
Wash and Lube $50 + $25 for Hydro 2.0 Treatment = $75
Wash and Lube $50 + $65 for Ludicrous AF Treatment = $115

Full Tune Up - $135
This is an essential service for a happy bike. Great for preventative care. Every 3 mo or 1500 mi.

Includes (In addition to Basic Tune):

  • Wipe down frame and components
  • Service and Adjust hub bearings
  • True, tension, and dish both wheels
  • Labor to install new tubes and tires
  • Adjust bottom bracket
  • Wipe down and lubricate chain and cassette
  • Lubricate cables when possible
  • Deglaze brake pads
  • With Tune- Add bike wash for $20

Bike Overhaul - $350
The ultimate total overhaul keeps your bike as good as new! Every 2 yr or 10,000 miles.

Overhaul Includes:

  • Bike wash
  • Detailed cleaning of drivetrain
  • Lubrication and reinstallation of drivetrain
  • Labor to replace cables and housing*
  • Follow-up fine tune derailleur adjust
  • Internal inspection and service of BB & headset
  • Labor to replace BB & headset
  • Internal frame inspection at headtube and BB
  • Labor to replace brake pads
  • Seat post clean, grease and re-install with assembly paste
  • Removal of all components
  • Thorough disassembly, cleaning, and lubrication of all components
  • Assembly and installation of all components
  • Detailed chainring cleaning and torque bolts
  • Standard cables and housing replacement (parts and labor)
  • Standard replacement brake pads
  • Labor to inspect, rebuild, and install all bearings
  • Freehub cleanout, overhaul, lubrication, and re-installation
  • Clipless pedal service
  • Labor for bar tape replacement*
  • Labor for tire and tube replacement*
  • Update firmware on electronic components

DISC BRAKE BIKES — Additional $30

  • Full Disc Brake Service (bleed, lube, burn-in)
  • Labor to replace brake pads*