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Aqua Sphere Aqua Sphere Kayenne (EP296)
Aqua Sphere Kayenne (EP296)
With its unique, oversized lens design, the Kayenne combines expanded 4-point vision with superior hydrodynamics thanks to its low-profile micro-frame. This combination makes the Kayenne a perfect choice for a competition, whether in a pool or open water.
Orca Orca Killa 180 Goggles
Orca Killa 180 Goggles
The Killa 180º Goggle is high performance, multipurpose and ergonomic, which will enhance your comfort and speed through the water.
Orca Orca Killa Vision Goggles
Orca Killa Vision Goggles
If you're looking for an ergonomic, versatile goggle with panoramic vision and unrivaled fit perfect for long distance open water swimming. A range of lens options make this goggle versatile for a range of weather conditions.
Orca Orca Killa Speed Goggles
Orca Killa Speed Goggles
If you're looking for a low profile, lightweight ergonomic goggle for enhanced comfort and speed through the water for short distance swimming or pool training. Perfect lens options for bright sunlight conditions. A range of lens options make this goggle
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles EP318
Kaiman Goggles EP318
The original curved lens goggle. Following the successful launch of the Seal swim mask, Aqua Sphere applied its patented curved lens technology to a swim goggle, for the first time bringing 180-degree vision to traditional swim goggles. In addition, the K