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Continental Continental Race Tubes
Continental Race Tubes
Continental's high-quality butyl Race Tube is perfectly suited to Road Racing & Training. Lightweight and effective, this butyl tube is another addition to your cycling arsenal this season.
Continental Continental Race Light Tubes
Continental Race Light Tubes
Continentals Race Light tubes give racers and competitive cyclists the option of lower rotating weight, therefore increasing speed. The lightweight tubes have a lower thickness and so it is imperative that inflation pressures are maintained to prevent the
Continental Continental Gatorskin 700c
Continental Gatorskin 700c
Ride how and where you want: the global number one for Fixed, Messenger and Urban Cyclists
Continental Continental Cement for Carbon Rim
Continental Cement for Carbon Rim
Conti's standard glue is optimized for aluminum; the carbon-specific glue is optimized for carbon. They aren't willing to divulge to us the science behind what makes the carbon-specific cement carbon-specific, no doubt fearing the rise of a Competitive Cy
Continental Continental Grand Prix 5000 TL
Continental Grand Prix 5000 TL
With our unique tread compound, which is produced only in Germany, we have revolutionized the sport of cycling. With the legendary BlackChili Compound Conti has answered the eternal question of the best balance of grip and rolling resistance for cycling.