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TYR TYR Kickboard Classic
TYR Kickboard Classic
Designed to build leg strength, the classic kickboard immobilizes the arms and isolates the legs so your body works harder with every kick!
TYR TYR Alliance Backpack
TYR Alliance Backpack
Always be ready with the TYR Alliance 45L Backpack.
TYR TYR Wrinkle-Free Silicone Cap
TYR Wrinkle-Free Silicone Cap
Perfect for adults and children, the LCS Swim Cap is available in an array of colors and features durable, long lasting color, for performance in the water.
TYR TYR Crossblade Fins 2.0
TYR Crossblade Fins 2.0
Train hard, train smart in TYR Crossblade Fin 2.0.
TYR TYR Catalyst Stroke Training Paddle
TYR Catalyst Stroke Training Paddle
Engineered for training at every level, the TYR Catalyst® Stroke Training Paddles follow the form of an athlete’s palm to provide a natural swim experience when training.
TYR TYR Flexfins 2.0
TYR Flexfins 2.0
Flexfins™ 2.0 are engineered for swim training regiments and exercise routines.
TYR TYR CrossBlade Fins
TYR CrossBlade Fins
The intermediate blade length combines the attributes of both short and long blade fins.
TYR TYR Ergo Swim Clip
TYR Ergo Swim Clip
The Ergo Swimclip is the latest evolution in low profile, swim clip technology. Available in four stylish colors that make a bold statement in the water, the LERGO Swimclips showcase hypo-allergenic TPR nose pads and a polyurethane frame for lightweight c
TYR TYR Catalyst Brites Paddle
TYR Catalyst Brites Paddle
Invented by World Record Masters swimmer and former ASU coaching great Ron Johnson, the Catalyst™ Brites Training Paddles help improve stroke technique while building strength.
TYR TYR Nest Pro Mirrored Goggles
TYR Nest Pro Mirrored Goggles
Go fast or go home with the Nest Pro Mirrored Goggles. Offering mirrored construction, this latex free goggle results in highly reflective, bold statements of color. This performance goggle features a unibody design to fit various facial types, as well as